Dare to Compare DISH Against Other Providers

With DISH NETWORK Packages start at $19.99/mo.
per mo.
per mo.
per mo.
per mo.
per mo.
per mo.
per mo.
per mo.
FREE HD for LIFE for NEW & Existing customers Included with DISH
only new customers
$10/mo. $7.95/mo.
only new customers
Local Channels Included with DISH
On Demand Programming Included with DISH

DVRs Included with DISH


Connect Multiple TVs Included with DISH
$7 receiver
Regional Sports Networks Included with DISH
Available Anywhere Included with DISH      
International Programming
in 28 Languages
Included with DISH
only 9 languages

only 14 languages

only 14 languages
only 10 languages

only 13 languages
Watch from your iPhone Included with DISH              
Sirius Music Channels Included with DISH              
$$$ Costly Bundles  
with AT&T

When the promotion ends, how much more will you pay?

Satellite and cable TV providers offer you low introductory rates. Once those promotions end, your costs will go up. With DirecTV, your rates can nearly double, going from $30 to $60 per month! With cable, bundles that include services you may not even need or want can end up costing you hundreds more each year! But with DISH, our low prices are available every day, even after the promotion ends!


Get More for Less When You Choose DISH!

Currently, new customers are eligible for up to a $20 discount on their monthly package for the first year of service, which includes three months of Pick Your Premium for FREE!

Bottom Line – DISH packages cannot be beat. By giving you more channels than the competition at a lower price, you cannot go wrong by choosing/switching to DISH!