Learn how you can add on functions to your DISH DVR!

Amazing Add-ons for Your DISH DVR

Program your DVR from anywhere with your cell phone or computer

With DISH’s DISH Remote Access, you can program your DVR from just about anywhere. All you need is the proper software, and an iPhone, iPod Touch or PC, and you can choose what you do and do not want to record. With full access to the channel guide, you can browse programs as if you were sitting in from of your TV. Anytime that you have an internet connection and a computer, you can program your DVR. It’s even easier if you use the app for your iPhone or iPod Touch.

DISH Remote Access also gives you the opportunity to manage the recordings already stored on your DVR. You can delete shows to make space, remove scheduled recordings and set the priorities for recording in the case of a conflict. Make your changes on the fly to make sure that your shows are waiting for you when you get home!

Add Local OTA Channels with an Antenna

You can add local over the air channels to your DVR when you have a OTA antenna add-on. Many DVRs come with a coaxial input that allows you to connect an OTA antenna; however, some models do not. In these cases, you will need to purchase a small part that can be attached to the back of your receiver. This input will allow you to connect an OTA antenna to receive your local channels. The receiver can tune digital signals, so no converter box is needed. It’s even possible to get them in high definition! You can also record these channels, so it’s a great option if your area cannot receive local channels from DISH.

Get More Storage with an External Hard Drive

One of the best things about DISH DVRs is the ability to add external hard drives to the devices. This allows you to increase your storage capacity significantly. Most other television providers do not let you do this, so it’s just another reason why DISH’s technology is second to none. With the appropriate receiver1 and a USB 2.0 external hard drive, you can

1Appropriate receivers include the Solo DVR ViP 612, the DuoDVR ViP 622 and the DuoDVR 722 HD receivers. External hard drive must be a minimum of 50 GB and can be a maximum of 1TB. Hard drive connection must be activated after purchase.