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Find Answers to Common Questions About DISH DVRs

What is a DVR and what does it do?

A DVR is a Digital Video Recorder and it allows you to record live television programs so that they can be watched again later. There are a wide variety of DVRs and HD DVRs available from DISH.

I have a receiver from another satellite company. Can I use it to get DISH service?

No. You can only use DISH receivers to get DISH service. Receivers from DirecTV will not work.

Does the DVR have HDMI outputs?

Most HD DVRs have HDMI outputs; HDMI outputs are not available on standard definition DVRs. You will have to check the specifications on the particular model you want to make sure or call Sterling Satellite at 1-800-299-5610 to ask one of our customer service representatives.

Does the DVR have DVI input?

No. The DVRs only have coaxial input from the satellite dish. There are some HD DVR models that offer DVI output though. Check the specifications on the particular model to see if this is the case.

How many hours can you record with each DVR?

There is no hard and fast number of hours that can be recorded with each DVR. It will vary on the particulars of what you are recording, how much on-demand material you access and if you have attached an external hard drive. Each model has an estimated number of hours that can be recorded; check these numbers to get an idea of the storage capacity on the model that interests you.

How many shows can you record at once?

Most DVRs will allow you to record two shows at the same time. When you are recording two shows simultaneously, you will only be able to watch one of the shows that you are recording or a previously-recorded show.

Can you record a show while watching another?

Yes, it is possible to record one show while watching another. The dual tuners inside the DVR make this possible.

How do you access your recorded items?

It will depend on the model of DVR you have and the remote for your DVR. In most cases, press the DVR button on your remote to bring up a list of your recorded items. Select the item that you want to bring up the options for that item. Select play, then sit back and enjoy your show.

Can you copy shows from the DVR to a DVD?

No. There is no way to copy your shows to a DVD. Once they are recorded, they will only playback on the DVR.

How can I set timers to record my favorite shows?

The procedure to set up timed recordings will vary by model. Please consult your owner's manual for further instructions.

Can I set up my DVR to record even if I am not at home?

Yes. You can schedule recordings in advance in a number of fashions. You can select a single show to record or record every episode of a particular show. Since the channel guide on your DVR can shows as many as 9 days in advance, you can schedule recordings that far out. If you set up a season long recording, it will automatically record every episode that airs, so you do not have to select each individual episode.

How many channels in HD can you record at one time?

With most HD DVRs, you can record two HD channels at the same time. Since most tuners in HD DVRs are HD tuners, you can record two channels in high definition simultaneously.

Are there parental controls for the DVRs?

Yes, and they are as easy to set up as the parental controls on any of the other DISH receivers. Read more about parental controls.

Does the DVR have parental controls for recorded shows?

Yes. To access the recorded programs that fall under controlled channels or above a particular rating, the user will need to enter the proper parental control code. Read more about parental controls.

How many TVs can be attached to each DVR?

Some DVRs allow you to connect two TVs to one DVR. Others will only allow one. For additional information, please call Sterling Satellite at 1-800-299-5610 to learn more about which DVRs can provide a signal to multiple TVs.

Is it possible to attach two HDTVs to one HD DVR?

Yes, but you will only be able to watch HD-quality programming on one television. The other will see standard definition only.

How many hours of TV can I record with my DVR?

This number will vary depending on the model that you select. You can however add additional space to your DVR by attaching an external hard drive. If you have further questions, please call Sterling Satellite at 1-800-299-5610.

How does the Picture-in-Picture function work?

Simply choose the first channel that you want to watch, hit the PIP button on your remote to bring up the small picture in picture window, then hit the swap button to change which channel appears larger on your screen. After hitting the swap button, you’ll be able to select the second channel that is seen. Hit the swap button again to change which channel is in the small window or hit the position button to change where the picture in picture window appears on the screen.

Can I watch my DVR on my computer?

With the Sling-Loaded ViP 922 DVR, you can view your recordings and live TV on your computer using the SlingPlayer software. You can even use the software to watch your recordings and live TV on your iPhone. Soon, you will be able to view programming on your iPad with this software. Note: Only the 922 has this technology built in. You can purchase a Slingbox and connect it to your DVR to accomplish this task as well.

Can I watch DVR recordings if the signal goes out?

Yes. You will still be able to access previously recorded shows. However, any recordings that are scheduled during the time that the signal goes out will not be recorded.

Can I watch shows I record in one room in another?

Yes. With a DuoDVR, you will be able to watch recordings on one TV while watching live TV on another. The second TV will not have an HD signal though.

Will the DVR have On-Demand capabilities?

Yes. All DISH DVRs come with Video On Demand capabilities.

Can I Record PPV or On-Demand movies?

No. You cannot record pay-per-view or Video On Demand. You can download some On Demand content that will have a 24-hour rental.

Is the recording space limited to the DVR’s internal hard drive?

No. You can attach an external hard drive to your DVR. Learn more about attaching an external hard drive to your DISH DVR.

What happens to my recorded shows when the hard drive is full?

The DVR will begin to delete your oldest recordings to make space for the new ones, unless you have marked them “Do not delete.” Then, the oldest recordings without that designation will be deleted.

What are the resolution capabilities of the DVR receiver?

Standard Definition DVRs output at 480i. High Definition DVRs output at up to 1080p for Video On Demand and up to 1080i for other programming. This means that HD DVRs can output at 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i and 1080p.

What are the benefits of connecting a home phone or internet line?

You get access to more Video on Demand content as well as additional program guide information. It also simplifies the ability to order pay-per-view content or additional programming.