DISH DVRS – Features

Discover the great features of amazing DISH DVRs

Great Features of DISH DVRs

One of the best things about DVRs is that they let you watch your favorite shows when it is convenient for you. No matter what comes up, as long as you schedule a recording, your shows will be waiting for you when you can get to them.

Schedule Season Long Recordings

Recordings can vary from one-time events to season long recordings that grab every new episode of your favorite shows. You can rest assured that whatever you select will be recorded and waiting for you to tune in, at your convenience!

Pause and Rewind Live TV

DISH DVRs give you the ability to pause and rewind live TV. If someone comes to the door, hit pause to keep recording the show while it doesn’t advance. All you have to do is hit play when you return and you’ll pick up from where you left off. What happens if you can’t hit pause though? When you can watch TV again, rewind back to the point where you stopped watching. The DVR records whatever channel it is tuned to, so as long as you do not change the channel, you’ll be able to rewind up to 2 hours worth of programming.

See Instant Replays

Are you disappointed by instant replay these days? Are there not enough slow motion shots for you? With the press of a button, you can rewind a program in 10-second intervals, which is just perfect for when you simply have to see it again. When you’re done, simply hit the live button to go back to the live action.

Picture in Picture

You can get picture in picture with some DISH DVRs. See the big game while watching another sporting event or something totally different. Keep multiple people happy when you can see two channels on the screen at once.