Wish your TV's schedule worked around you rather than the other way around?

Watch your favorite shows on your own time with a new DISH DVR. As long as it’s on TV, you’ll be able to record it to watch back when you have the time. No more rushing home to make the start of a show or being frustrated that you have to leave before a show ends. Make your DISH DVR work for you.

You’ll never miss an episode of your favorite show again when you set up season pass recordings that record each and every episode of the shows that you select. You can even change the settings to make sure that you only get new episodes, or only the episodes shown on the HD channels.

DISH leads the industry in developing new, useful technology. With a wealth of options to choose from, there's sure to be a DISH DVR that suits your needs. From standard definition DVRs to HD DVRs and sling-loaded HD DVRs, DISH has it all. Take a moment to learn more about the great features that these receivers have to offer. Learn how you can use add-ons to get the most out of your new DVR. Discover some tips and tricks to make your DVR work even better.

Unsure about how DVRs work or need some clarification on their features? Check out the DVR FAQ page. There are answers to the most common questions about DISH DVRs as well as a number of additional resources.