Learn some great tips you can use with your DISH DVRs!

DISH DVR Tips to Enjoy Your DVR

See Pictures in DISH HD

To make sure that you are getting the best picture quality from your DISH DVR, use the highest quality connection possible with your TV. This means using the HDMI connection if possible. In descending order of clarity, the connections are HDMI, Component (YPbPr) and Composite (RCA). HDMI is also capable of carrying an audio signal to your TV through the one cable; the other cables are not.

Keep Your DISH Receiver Connected

Connect your receiver to keep your information up to date. When your receiver is connected to DISH via a phone line or broadband connection, your program guide will update more frequently and it will be easier for you to order pay-per-view movies and events. A broadband connection is required to receive pay-per-view movies in 1080p as well as some video on demand content.