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Your favorite Fall TV shows on DISH


Fall's here and that means that there are plenty of great new fall TV shows ready to start! Stay entertained all season long with some of the biggest and best new fall TV shows on DISH. Plenty of your favorites are returning as well, so you can continue to keep tabs on the characters and storylines that matter to you. Sterling Satellite is here to help you get the most enjoyment possible out of the fall TV schedule by bringing you the best TV for less than the cost of the competition. With DISH, you can see all the fall TV shows you've been waiting for, without the high costs of cable!

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Fall TV Schedule

Get a handy fall TV schedule that you can check to make sure you're not missing your favorite shows. You can even print it out and put it next to your remote so that you'll always know what's coming on next! New shows and shows that are now on at a different time are highlighted, so they're easy to see.

Where's My Show

Learn where you can find your favorite fall TV shows and when they will air. Our helpful tool will tell you when fall TV shows will air, what their premiere date is, give you a synopsis of the show and a list of the actors, and show you a video clip. You can even get information on cancelled shows, so you'll know which shows from last year won't be back.