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DISH Spotlight


With DISH, the Spotlight is always on! This monthly feature highlights and showcases the programming that's at the top of everybody's "What to Watch" list. From getting the ball rolling with your favorite season of collegiate and professional sports, to making sure you don't miss out on any of the building, rising, or falling action of your favorite television shows, make sure to check out our monthly Spotlight!

This Month's Spotlight: NBA Basketball

DISH NBA Basketball


Your guide to the ultimate NBA action, including top DISH basketball channels, weekly schedules, daily game previews, and our picks for NBA Fantasy All-Stars.

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Past Spotlights:

NHL Hockey Spotlight

DISH Hockey

Your guide to the ultimate NHL action, including top DISH hockey channels, weekly schedules, hot and cold teams, and coverage of the top fights in our Penalty Box feature.

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Fall TV Spotlight


Your guide to Fall's hottest new and returning series, including show overviews, weekly schedules, premiere dates, and our handy "Where's My Show?" feature.

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College and NFL Football Spotlight

DISH Football

Your guide to the ultimate pro and college football action, including top DISH football channels, weekly schedules and previews, and our creative video guide to the Top Ten Things Football Fans Need Each Season.

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