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All across America, people have been switching to DISH because they have discovered the amazing savings that DISH offers them over cable. In just a matter of minutes, they learned that they could be saving more than $100 a year of the costs of cable simply by switching to DISH. What would you do with an extra $100 or so? Take a moment to imagine what you could get done with that extra spending money, then call Sterling Satellite today to find out just how much money you could save each year after you switch to DISH!

DISH is available virtually everywhere!

Currently, DISH is available in all 50 states, as well as Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico. In the smallest towns and the largest cities, more than 14 million people subscribe to DISH to get the TV programming that they want. Home owners and renters alike have come to rely on DISH for affordable prices and dependable service. DISH works to make sure that you can get your TV at a price that you can afford, and that it works when you want it to. With a 99.9% signal reliability rate, DISH makes sure that you get a signal when you need to, even in the toughest of weather conditions.

Throughout the United States, millions are unable to get cable TV service. If the cable company has not chosen to run cable lines to your neck of the woods, you would not be able to get service. Thankfully, DISH is here to give just about everyone across the country the TV that they want without having to wait for cable to arrive. All you need to get DISH are two simple things: a satellite dish and a clear view of the sky. Luckily, these two things are available pretty much everywhere.

Stay entertained with DISH packages!

Packages offer you a wide variety of channels at a number of different price points. For those who can get by with the bare essentials, DISH often offers a package of more than 120 channels for around $30 a month. You can still get great movie, sports and news channels for an unbelievably low monthly rate. If you only want the best for your TV, DISH packages can include a choice that will give you access to every channel offered by DISH, including premium movie channels, for around $100 a month. Imagine more than 300 channels coming into your home every night. You'll never have to worry about finding something to watch on your TV with a package like that!

Every individual has interests that are unique to them. When we sit down to watch TV, we want to watch something that catches our attention and keeps it. Since there are hundreds of DISH channels available right now, it won't be hard to find something that's right for you! Interests of all kinds are served - movie buffs, sports fans, news junkies, even romantics! Sometimes you might be in the mood for a great comedy, but the next night you might want to watch a documentary about nature. DISH has you covered! If you take a look at the incredible number of DISH channels offered right now, you can see that every possible interest is covered inside and out.

Save today with DISH promotions!

No matter what state you live in, you can take advantage of some great DISH promotions. While these specials and deals are not always the same, there is always some great value to be had on DISH! Savings could include a free HD DVR upgrade or a reduction in the cost of installation. Recently, DISH offered new subscribers $15 off their monthly bill for the first 24 months of service. That means they were saving $120 during their first year of DISH service! While you might not be able to find that exact DISH special available now, there is sure to be some way for you to save some extra cash when you sign up!

Call Sterling Satellite today at 1-800-299-5610 to find out how you can join the millions of Americans who have already switched to DISH. Savings are just a phone call away. Don't hesitate and start saving your hard earned money today!