Choose the DISH Package That’s Right For You

Choosing satellite TV over cable is an easy (and smart!) choice. You’ve already made a step in the right direction by coming to Sterling Satellite for your DISH needs. As a satellite television provider, DISH offers more channels at lower prices to the most areas in the United States!

So you’re set on getting satellite TV service from DISH, but now are facing the hard part: choosing a package. If you’re going to spend money, you want to make sure that you’re getting a great value for your dollar. Even more importantly, you want to be sure that you’re getting the channels and programming you want! Luckily, DISH has a variety of great packages to suit both your budget and your entertainment needs!

Choose the section below that best describes you. Here, you’ll find more specific information and helpful suggestions tailored specifically to you and your unique viewing needs. Rest assured: there IS a DISH package just for you…and Sterling Satellite will help you find it!

I'm a Sports Fan

I'm a Senior Citizen

I'm a Parent

DISH Sports Fans DISH Seniors DISH Parent

From baseball to football, basketball to hockey, you love all things sports! You want to make sure you have access to all the big games and sporting events, as well as the latest sports news and analysis! Don’t worry, Sports Fans! DISH packages have action filled programming made with you in mind!

You’ve worked hard and you deserve to relax and reap the benefits of your labors! You’re looking for programming that combines your old favorites with the ease and flexibility of watching TV when you want. Good news, Seniors! DISH has the right package just for you!

You’re a parent to one or more kids and you wouldn’t change it for the world! Now, you just need family friendly programming and some control over what your children are watching. Trust in DISH, Parents! There is an exciting and appropriate DISH package just waiting for you!

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I'm a Homeowner

I Live in an Apartment or Condo

DISH Homeowner DISH Renter

Maybe you’re a new homeowner; maybe you’ve spent years creating the perfect home for yourself and for your family. Either way, you’re looking for a way to make DISH a part of what you’ve built. Great news, Homeowners! DISH has a great package waiting for you!

You live in a multiple dwelling unit, and you’re wondering if DISH is the right choice for you. You want the best in programming and want to make sure it’s available to you. Rest assured, Renters or Condo Owners! DISH has something to fit your needs!

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I'm a Movie Buff

I'm on a Tight Budget

I Love All Things "Tech"nology

DISH Movies DISH Budget DISH Technology

You’ve seen all the box-office hits and you want to see them again…and again! You want access to tons of movies—both old and new—and you want to see them at your convenience! Rest assured, Movie Lovers! DISH has great movie packages specifically tailored to your needs!

You’re a penny pincher, and getting a great deal is important to you. You want a DISH package that gives you the most bang for your hard-earned buck! Prepare to be pleased, Budgeters! DISH offers plenty of budget-friendly options just for you!

You’re always up to date on the latest in technology news and advancements. You want a DISH package and equipment that reflects your passion! Look no further, Technology Lovers! DISH has a package that’s right up your alley!

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I'm a Spanish Speaker

I'm Bi-lingual or Interested in International Affairs

DISH Spanish DISH International

You speak Spanish, and having access to programming in your language is essential to you. You want a DISH package that offers the latest and most extensive Spanish programming. You’re in luck, Spanish Speakers! DISH has a Latino package just for you!

Habla español y tener acceso a programación en su idioma es importante. Quiere un paquete de DISH que ofrece la más última y amplia programación en español. ¡Tienen suerte hispanohablantes! ¡DISH tiene un DISHLatino justo para ustedes! -¡Aprenda más!

You speak English and French, or English and Bengali, or any combination of multiple languages; you’re interested in news and programming from countries around the world. You want access to multi-cultural or multi-lingual programming in addition to your basic package needs. Prepare to go global, Worldly Ones! DISH has something great to fit your viewing needs!

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