DISH Channels - International Programming


DISH offers the absolute most extensive and most diverse international programming choices of any satellite TV provider! With more than 200 international channels and over 28 unique languages, DISH delivers you the world! Travel the globe from the comfort of your own couch, maintain a connection to your homeland, keep a tab on international news, or develop new language skills by watching native speakers—all can be done with great international programming from DISH! No matter what you’re looking for, there’s certain to be a DISH package that suits your diverse international interests! Choose a programming type below to learn more about the great international offerings from DISH!

African German Malayalam Tamil
Arabic Greek Marathi Telugu
Bangla Hindi Nepali Urdu
Bengali Israeli Polish Vietnamese
Brazillian Italian Portuguese  
Chinese Japanese Punjabi  
Filipino Kannada Russian  
French Korean Taiwanese  


New DISH customers who wish to subscribe to an international programming package must also subscribe to a core programming package to meet minimum programming requirements. While customers may not subscribe to more than one core programming package, they may subscribe to more than one international programming or international basic programming package, including add-ons.